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Master in User Experience Design

Código SNIES: 109768

Qualified record: Resolution 21646 of November 12, 2020

Methodology: virtual

Level of education: Master

Title: Master in User Experience Design

Credits or ECTS: 36 academic credits - 72 ECTS

Estimated duration: 3 terms

Registration date for new students:  28 of may to 14 of august of 2021

Place where the program is offered: Todas las sedes de la UNAD y Universidad de Lleida España

Academic unit: School of Basic Sciences, Technology and Engineering - SBSTE

Maestría en Diseño de Experiencia de Usuario

¿What makes us different?

The Master in User Experience Design  program of UNAD and UdL, in virtual methodology, trains professionals in charge of the process of generating solutions mediated by technology that respond to the needs, characteristics and context of people and companies at an advanced disciplinary level. Contributing from the user experience design to improve accessibility, usability, interaction, inclusion and user emotions that generate meaningful and relevant experiences for users when using IT products, through research and relevant innovation that allows a more competitive and sustainable IT industry. Within the area of computer science, human computer interaction (HCI), specifically in user experience design (UX).

Beginning of the academic period: 23 August of 2021

End of the academic period: 24 December of 2021

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Student Profile

Student Profile

Applicants for the Master's Degree in User Experience Design must have the following skills and abilities:

  • Communication skills
  • Digital skills.
  • Self-management of knowledge skills.
  • Technological skills.
  • Basic knowledge of information and communication technologies.
  • Ability to understand the requirements and needs in people.

Graduate Profile

Graduate Profile

The Master in User Experience Design as a graduate will be able to:

  • Design accessible, usable, interactive, inclusive and emotionally positive user experiences in the use of IT products and services.
  • Develop user experience evaluations taking into account the needs, requirements and contexts of users.
  • Conduct user experience research taking into account contexts and requirements.
  • Build IT products and services taking into account information architecture and prototyping.
  • Generate innovation processes of IT products and services from the user experience approach.
  • Lead and manage user experience design projects.



This program offers the student a disciplinary training in computer science, in human-computer interaction (IHC), in the specific area of ​​user experience design (UX), which is valid in Colombia and Spain.

The specific disciplinary training refers to the compulsory and elective academic courses that the student must take in accordance with the master's / master's degree curriculum.

Of the 36 academic credits and 12 courses that the student must take and pass in the master's / master's degree, 24 credits, that is, 66.6% correspond to 8 compulsory courses and 12 credits, that is, 33.4% correspond to 4 elective courses. Consequently, the duration of the master's / master's program will depend on the availability of time that the student uses in their training process, however, an estimated duration of the program of (3) semesters, that is, 18 months, is stipulated.

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¿Why choose us?



We are the first University born for the open and distance modality, about 40 years ago



We have the technological and academic infrastructure to serve more than 167 thousand students.



We have specialized academic practice settings for virtual and remote access.

National and international presence

National and international presence

We have 65 regional centers throughout the country at the service of all our students and 1 internationalization project in Florida, USA.

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